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7th Class science Formative Assessment-3,Slip Test(TM)-Model Paper

  FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT -3 (SLIP TEST ) As a part of constructive evaluation teacher should estimate the student's understanding af... thumbnail 1 summary
As a part of constructive evaluation teacher should estimate the student's understanding after teaching every lesson. Testing the student's understanding at any time but not in a specified time and making the students that they are writing an exam is said to be a slip test. It is not like a unit test. 
        To know har far the students have understand the learnt topic.
        To assess how the students applying the learnt items with the real life.
        To make them overcome the fear of exams and build confidence.
        To participate it continuous teaching learning processes.
        To express their concepts briefly.
        To put them away from rote learning.
         How to conduct the slip test?
        Conduct the test without prior declaration after teaching the lesson.
        20 marks for slip test.
        As part of constructive evaluation at FA times slip should be conducted in any period of 45 minutes duration.
        Questions in the slip test should some of the academic standards and they should write answers on their own.
        Keep 200 page long notebook for slip tests. Four formative slip tests in an academic year should be written in this  book only.
        Basing on the answers, discuss with the children how they are in each academic standard. This is the key issue in constructive evaluation and compulsory one too. Just conducting the exams and allocating marks and grades is not enough. By analysing the answers and giving instructions for their improvement is also important.
Eg : Do you think that there is relation between respiration and photosynthesis? Why? Questions like these will help them to think and write on their own.
        Enroll the slip tests grades in the register.
The fourth aspect of the formative assessment is a slip test. It is of 20 marks. We have provided the model question papers from VI to X class for both mediums. They are prepared so as to test the different competencies for a few chapters as per the curriculum.
7th Class General Science -Formative Assessment-III-Slip Test-Telugu Meduim
  This Slip Test Prepared by Smt K.Manjula(SA-BS),AnantaPuram

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